Why Choose Dublin For Your Next Conference?


When you decide to hold a meeting or conference, whether small and local or international, inviting hundreds of delegates some of the most pressing questions are often related to the location and venue of the conference. As we understand the stress involved in organising your next big event, our aim is to help you elevate this pressure by aiding you in finding you a favourite conference centre in Dublin. But first, we’d like to tell you a bit about Dublin, and why the Irish capital city should be first on your list when it comes to selecting the next location for your event or conference

Dublin is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Europe. Its history & culture, visitor attractions, museums, exhibitions, festivals and events make it the ideal location to host an international conference. With large scale events, like the PCI 2019 Europe Community Meeting being hosted in Dublin and other international conferences, like the Web Summit having originated from this small, but vibrant capital city, here are just some of the reasons why you should also choose Dublin for your next conference

5 reasons to host your next conference in Dublin


1.    Connections
Thanks to the convenient location of this small, green island, and its connections to Europe, North America and the Middle East, Ireland and especially Dublin is easily accessible by international delegates. In reflection of its ease of accessibility, there are 175 routes into Dublin Airport with 57 Airlines. Apart from air, however, Dublin is also reachable by Sea, Road and Rail making Dublin easily accessible and the perfect hub for all your delegates from outside and inside Ireland. 

2.    Easy to get around
Although getting to Dublin is a very important step, getting around once you’re here is also something to consider. With the excellent public transport infrastructure, motorway networks and numerous taxis available, your delegates will be sure to find their way around our small capital city with ease (If you enjoy a bit of exercise while traveling, why not try our  brilliant “dublinbikes” scheme?). Our hotels and conference venues are conveniently located near the airport, the city centre and are close to public transportation, making them an excellent choice of conference venue in Dublin. 

3.    Ease of doing business & financial reasons 
According to Forbes, Ireland is considered one of the best small countries in the world to do business in. It’s no surprise therefore, that when it comes to doing business in Europe, many international companies choose Ireland, and often Dublin as the location for their European headquarters.  There are of course a number of reasons for this. Apart from the advantageous location and talented, English speaking workforce, for example, Ireland is part of the Euro Zone Tax free and Vat reclaims, making it a cost effective location for conferences.  Read More 

4.    Services and support
There’s a lot that goes into organising an event or conference, and doing it alone could seem impossible. Luckily, Dublin has an excellent infrastructure for conferences with a range of conference venues and hotels, Destination Management Companies & Event Organisers, as well as impartial organisations, for example the Dublin Convention Bureau are on hand to give you advice and support. Ireland is famous for its friendly people, which will be reflected by our professional conference and events specialists, who will be sure to provide you with a great experience when helping you organise and execute your event or conference

5.    Rich cultural heritage and exciting activities
Work hard, play hard, as the saying goes. Dublin is the perfect city for both. Among its numerous restaurants, extensive live music scene, galleries and museums, cultural events and many more things to do, Dublin will offer something exciting for all your delegates. And with all the things to do and see, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to stick around for a few more days. 


If Dublin caught your attention as the location for your next event or conference, why not have a look at some of our Dublin conference centres? If you’d prefer something more regional, check out our regional conference venue, right between Dublin and Belfast.